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Thursday, April 30, 2009

halo frens..
today damn borink la..hahcoo...causes..:
1. woke up late..he he..lambat tido lambat bangun la..
2. ten wore my unironed baju maktab..he he..malas la tu..biasa..
3. went assembly..late...huhu..
4. luckily din get scolding..
5. wen to class..started wit ctt..hehe my lovely maths lecturer..da cute one..ten goes our hak..tak de..hui..hui...
6. ten its mr azli my another maths..he came..and talked sumting and went..was not concentrating actually..ehehehe..was reading novell..bout that little witch..huhu..
7. he doesnt care..n ten its goes our mdr!!!..the most laziest class of mine..and interesting too..cos the lecturer often around..he he enjoy la..huhu..
8.and bmk!!..no class..can go bek!!..yahooo....
came bek to room...ten went to yusra's room..cos my frens came my hostle..so invited themm!!..they r qib...sakinah..faten..bad...
9. chit chat wit tem..and wen out for the free food..ha ha..its was a kinda function..he he..and ter goes..
10.lastly now..al gone..its holidays..but kalababy..is alone here..wit no one wit here...lonely tinking of her unlucky life!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009



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ha ha..
L . O . V . E ??????
having a great issue bout wats the real point of love is..cant be able to do an exact identification on how a persons love can influence someone. besides, im jus damn confused of sharing a love affection wit sumone we love..and i am having a love confusion..of chosing the one i realy love,,its damn hard..i jus dunt wanna hut anyone in this matter..and dunt like giving much hope to anyone..but its not in my hand..al i wan is to wait until my studies reach the top point..thats wen i wanted to find the suitable love for me..but now my heart starts swingging like a THE SWING..damn!!! IT HURTS....

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Are You Confused About Being Angry with the One You Love?
Do You Want to Take the Fear Out of Being Close?
Mary and John's story is familiar.
"I hate you -- get out of my life!" she said when he finally arrived. She was furious about his coming home two hours late to a cold dinner on the table. The candles had burned out, and she ate alone. This was not the first time he stood her up. You'd think she would learn! (You'd think he would learn!)
She loved him so much she was enraged, and told him she wanted a divorce and for him to leave and never come back! Obviously to John, Mary no longer loved him, so he left, hurt and upset, and spent the night elsewhere. Mary was even more hurt from his staying away all night.
Of course, she loved him very much. She understood that. But how could she love him and hate him at the same time? She wondered, and he wondered, and with no clear answer they drifted apart.
She didn't understand that love is more than a feeling of pleasure. Love is also an emotional investment. Mary's anger meant that John was very important to her. Otherwise she wouldn't care at all. Anger is an inevitable feeling in any relationship . . . but you have to know how to use the energy to turn upsets into opportunities.
The truth is, many people are confused about how to have a close relationship that works. . . .
. . .and no wonder. . .
There are thousands of families out there that model for their kids how not to be loving with their husband or wife. They may want to know the "Secret of loving relationships ". . . but all they can do is the best they learned from their own parents about how to get along with others. . . .

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